Cash Minder

Counterfeit and Fraud Detection

JNE Security Ltd have an extensive range of products for counterfeit detection. Fake money pens, Counterfeit Detector Pens, Ultraviolet Lamps and UV Keyrings and UV Desktop lamps which all identify counterfeit Pound notes, Euros and Dollars. Our all products will help to detect false notes and save retailers from accepting counterfeit currency.

Cash Minder 2 In 1 Counterfeit Pen with UV Light

“Paper and New Polymer friendly”

Introducing the innovative Counterfeit Detection Pen which works on both Paper and Polymer notes due to the integral 365nm UV Bulb within the Pen.

The Pen works on all paper notes by marking the currency and showing a clear mark to determine a genuine note and a dark mark to indicate a counterfeit. However, the UV light means it can be shined over both paper and polymer notes to detect the hidden UV features within genuine currency.

Furthermore due to the 365nm bulb the Pen can also detect forensic substances such as Smartwater™ and
SelectaDNA™ giving it a major implication for asset protection within retail outlets.

More and more cash machines are installing forensic liquid deterrents therefore the pens will also detect any notes which have been sprayed with these liquids.

This has huge benefits for Crime Prevention and theft deterrent.

This product is a true innovation in Crime Prevention.

Cash Minder USB UV Detector with 1 Watt LED Torch

“Counterfeit Detection in the 21st century”

Introducing an amazing product for Counterfeit Detection, forensic inspection and property marking. The Cash Minder USB Detector is a small handy UV & LED torch which has a built in integral charging cable which can be plugged into all USB ports to provide continuous charge and usage.

The Detector can be switched between a 1 watt LED torch and a 365nm UV Bulb it is perfect for use by Retail Staff, Police, Pubs/Clubs, Taxi Drivers and anyone handling cash.

The USB UV Detector & Flashlight will detect forged/genuine paper notes, as well as the new polymer notes.
The 365nm UV Bulb will detect all forensic substances like Smartwater™ and SelectaDna™ making this the ideal Stop and Search Tool for Police Officers.

Its integral charger is suitable to be plugged into most vehicles to charge.

The USB UV Detector & Flashlight has the following features :-

USB Integrated Charging Lead
1400M4H Lithium battery
Upto 45 hours continuous counterfeit detection
2 hours charge time
Upto 6 hours continuous flashlight use

Cash Minder Mains Powered UV Detector

The Cash Minder Mains Operated UV Detector is a stylishly designed unit fitted with 2 x 4 Watt bulbs making it a very powerful solution for checking counterfeit bank notes, credit cards, passports, driving licences and other
official documents. Also effective in detecting Smartwater™ and SelectaDNA™.

Key Features :-

This device can assist you in detecting counterfeit banknotes, credit cards and travellers cheques as well as
fluorescent stamps and other legal documents.
The machine features 2 powerful and extremely strong Ultra Violet fluorescent scanning tubes (2 x 4 Watt), which will enable you to use the machine under daylight conditions. The components used are of the highest quality assuring you maximum operation life.

The Cash Minder detector lamp is easy to use just place the note, credit card or document under the UV light to reveal watermarks and metal or plastic strips.

Cash Minder Portable UV Lamp & Spotlight

Small and compact unit which can be used to identify counterfeit currency via its Ultra Violet light. Also effective in identyfying UV marks for property marking, inspecting credit cards and detecting Smartwater™.

Key Features:-

2 in 1 portable money detector and spotlight. Ideal for detecting counterfeit money or for verifying genuine bank notes (both paper and the new polymers).
Also ideal for use as a portable UV security marking identifier.
Hand held device powered by batteries or mains charger. Requires 4 x AA batteries (not included) or a 6 volt
adapter (not included). Compact, lightweight and easy to use.

Other Functions: bacteria detection, ID & document verification and Invisible ink. In addition, the unit also contains a powerful light which can be used as a flashlight.

Sold to the Police, Government Agencies, Banks, Hundreds of Retailers and Large Supermarket Chains

Cash Minder Personal Alarm with UV Light

We have now introduced the Cash Minder Keyring Personal Attack Alarm which incorporates a powerful UV Torch ideal for identifying counterfeit currency, credit cards, UV markings, Smartwater™ and SelectaDNA™ etc, etc.

The Cash Minder Personal Alarm has a powerful 130db siren and is fitted with a separate keyring to the activation pin, preventing false activation.

The Cash Minder UV Keyring Torch Personal Alarm is the ideal product for employees who handle cash day to day or simply for anyone who works within the retail sector or in Crime Prevention.

With its multitude of uses, this product is perfect for :-

Bank Employees
Retail Staff
Taxi Drivers
Market Traders
Betting Industry Employees
Car Salespersons
Police/Local Authorities

The UV Keyring Torch Personal Alarm has the following features :-

130 Decibel Siren
Supplied in Black
Pull Pin Activation
Separate Keyring
Unique feature of a UV Torch (365nm)
Batteries Included
Fitted with an isolator to preserve battery life
(40mm x 60mm x 12mm)

Monday, May 20, 2024