Knife Crime Heart Stress Balls

In recent years Knife Crime has become a major problem and focus point in the UK.

As the country’s leading supplier of crime prevention products we have been in consultation with many Police Forces on developing a low cost product suitable for public engagement.

The stress ball relieves stress simply because it keeps your hand busy doing a simple repetitive movement which eventually becomes almost subconscious. Your anxiety/anger/stress is redirected to the stress ball. A Stress ball can also help to release tension in the moment.

Obviously stopping knife crime needs to be part of a much wider values and cultural shift, however Police/Local Authority engagement can help to reinforce values and educate. The Stress Balls can form part of this engagement process.

Together with Police Crime Reduction we have launched our first Knife Crime Heart Stress Balls.


Our Knife Crime Heart Stress Balls, are available for bulk orders. Please contact us on 01978 855054 Or email

Our Reference: KCSB-19

Wednesday, November 29, 2023