Minder Care Alert

The Minder Care Alert is the ideal product for the elderly, infirm and
vulnerable/victims of crime.

It is a completely wireless panic system which works up to a distance of 180 metres.

The Care Alert includes 1 x Wireless Neck Pendant transmitter which is
water resistant. If pressed it will alert the receiver unit which will emit an audible alarm or a choice of 32 different alerts.

The receiver unit can also alert with a combination of audible sound and a flashing light making it a fantastic
product for households where someone has poor vision/hearing.
Ideal for assisted living, care in the community and for patient use at care homes
Can be used by victims of crime/domestic violence victims and a receiver unit kept in a neighbours property.
Adjustable volume
Low battery indicator
16 rolling codes meaning other units can be used in close proximity.

The Minder Care Alert, is available for purchase from out sister site Personalalarms.com For all bulk orders please contact us on 01978 855054 Or email sales(at)jnesecurity.co.uk

Monday, May 20, 2024