Minder Key Safe

Minder 4 Digit Combination Outdoor Wall Mounted Key Safe Security Lock Box including 5 Coloured Tags

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor purposes, the wall mount key safe lock
box has a large internal cavity which can hold multiple keys, proximity cards,
and other essential items.

• Easy to Install and use Key safe lock box features a great design that can be
easily mounted on the door or wall, and requires no power source. It boasts a
four-digit combination.

• Its sturdy design makes it adhere easily to any fixed surface. The solid metal
construction makes it resistant to scratching, sawing and hammering, while
the combination cover protects the dials from adverse weather conditions.

• Unlike the conventional method of putting the keys under the mat, the wall
mount lock box helps to keep your keys safe.

The knowledge that only you, your family and friends can access the box gives you peace of mind when you are not around.

• While this product is designed to secure your keys, it can also be used to
store proximity cards as well as a broad range of other smaller items you need
keep away from your children.

Size: 80mm x 115mm x 40mm

Monday, May 20, 2024