Minder Purse Theft Security

Purse Theft & Mobile Security

We have the most extensive range of products to combat Purse and Handbag theft, which our full range is available to view in our catalogue. Our Purse Theft products are supplied to most of the Police Forces in the UK and they offer excellent value for money and provide a useful deterrent in preventing theft of handbags and purses. Mobile Phone Crime has been steadily increasing due to the increased functionality of new handsets making them potentially more attractive to thieves. We have introduced a number of new and innovative products to tackle this crime.

Minder Bell Accessories

The Minder Bell Accessories are a pair of trendy bells with an easy to fix lobster clip. The Minder Bell
Accessories come in 10 ultra cool colours to suit all ages and demographics.
The Minder Bell Accessories are available in the following colours:
• Blue
• Green
• Red
• Silver
• Hot Pink
• Black
• Orange
• Baby Pink
• Gold
• Purple
Minder Bell Accessories can be attached to Purses, Wallets, Handbags, Mobile Phones and any other
personal belongings. Should anyone attempt to lift the item, the bells will jingle to alert the owner of a potential theft.
Minder Bell Accessories are very popular amongst young people and children, whilst they are also fantastic to hand out to
the elderly. It is the perfect product for all ages.

Minder Purse Chain Accessory

The Minder Purse Chain Accessory is a modern improvement on traditional Purse Chains as it is has been designed with an increased length of 40cm and is supplied in a mix of 10 colours so perfect for mass distribution to all ages.

The Minder Purse Chain Accessory is the ideal low cost product to prevent theft of purses and handbags.  The chain attaches to the handbag and purse via the easy to use clips found at each end of the chain.  Each individually soldered link increases the strength and durability of the product and can withstand a maximum weight of approximately 5kg enough to deter even the most motivated pick pocket.

Key Features:
• Individually soldered links increases chain strength
• Easy to use clips on both ends of chain
• 40 cm length
• Available in a variety of 10 colours

Minder Bag Hanger Accessory
“Stops theft of Handbags”

The Minder Bag Hanger Accessory is the perfect product to protect Handbags from theft, damage and loss.
Designed in 5 trendy heart shaped colours the Minder Bag Hanger Accessory is hooked to the edge of a table and acts as the perfect place to hang a handbag when out and about.
With the Minder Bag Hanger Accessory you always know your bag is safe and it prevents your handbag from getting dirty.

The Minder Bag Hanger Accessory is ideal for use in bars, shops, restaurants and is the perfect product to take on holiday or when travelling. The Bag Hanger folds out and folds back to ensure it is compact, discreet and convenient to carry everywhere. It also fits nicely into a purse or pocket.

The product has a soft epoxy laminated fascia to give the bag hanger a nice shiny effect but more importantly it gives the product a longer life than cheaper made bag hangers with stickers.

Available in: Black, Pink, Gold, Blue & Red.

Thursday, April 2, 2020