Minder Window & Door Alarms

Mini Minder Window and Door Alarm

• 120dB alarm siren when window or door is opened

• Easy access off/alarm/chime switch

• Low battery test button

• Perfect for: – Home – Office – Sheds – Garages – Motorhomes – Boats – Vehicles – Outbuildings

• To arm the unit, locate OFF/CHIME/ALARM switch on the side.

Slide the switch to the desired position, if the protected window or door is

opened the alarm siren will sound continuously until disarmed or when

the door or window is closed. When in the chime position, if the door or

window is opened, the chime will sound. It will sound once again when

the door or window is closed and reopened.

Mini Minder Vibration Alarm

Quick and easy to install without cables or screws. Simply attach to the window, door or device you wish to protect with the included sticky pad (which also doubles as a warning sticker).

• The Glass Minder is an effective low cost vibration alarm with a 120dB siren that can be used for securing windows or patio doors.

• The alarm is fixed to a window with sticky pad (included).

• The Glass Minder has a choice of high or low sensitivity settings and can also be used to alarm personal property such as computers, TVs and DVD players.

• Now comes with a highly visible Warning Sticker for an increased deterrent.

The Minder TV Simulator, is available for purchase from out sister site Personalalarms.com With Door Contact, And without For all bulk orders please contact us on 01978 855054 Or email sales(at)jnesecurity.co.uk

Monday, May 20, 2024