Signal Blocking Drink Safe Can

Introducing the most versatile and innovative Police Accredited Crime Prevention Product for 2020.

Food Safe Cans have been around for a few decades now and following consultation with the Police we have created a less obvious, lower cost alternative in the Signal Blocking Drink Safe Can.

The Signal Blocking Drink Safe Cans are easily deployable in most locations. Kitchen Cupboards, Drinks Cupboards/Cabinets, Bedrooms, Bedsits, Student Accommodation, even fridges for non battery operated items.

Furthermore, we have designed the new cans using a specially developed ABM™ material which has been scientifically tested to block RFID signals and has been awarded the Secured by Design accreditation.

This will allow the Safe Cans to be used to store Car Keys and avoid wireless Car Key Fraud where criminals use relay devices to open expensive vehicles from outside properties.

Traditional Safe Cans are made using false plastic bottoms and although they are perfect for hiding valuables, they will not block wireless signals. Our new Signal Blocking Drink Safe Cans provide a fantastic decoy safe which can also be used to hide credit cards, car keys and any item with a wireless RFID chip. It represents an innovation in Personal Safety, Fraud Prevention and general home safety.

The Signal Blocking Drink Safe Can is also useful for going to the beach, playing sports, etc, as a potential decoy against opportunist thieves. This would not be an option for the standard Food Branded Cans.

Drink cans are found in rucksacks, sports bags and handbags so they can be a brilliant decoy storage safe which would not necessarily be targeted by handbag dippers and street criminals. The added benefit of the RFID blocking system makes it is an ideal hiding place for credit cards, oyster cards and car keys when out and about.

The Signal Blocking Drink Safe Cans look like supermarket own branded versions of Diet Cola, Fizzy Orange and Lemonade. They provide a handy storage facility for Money, Credit Cards, Car Keys or any other valuables.

Our Signal Blocking Drink Safe Cans, is available for purchase from out sister site, and for bulk orders. Please contact us on 01978 855054 Or email

Our Reference: SBSC-20

Thursday, April 2, 2020